Company History

m.Heydarpour Mabna Card Aria

Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company under the management of Mr. Mehrdad Heydarpour has been active in the field of banking systems and banking equipment for more than 8 years and has provided invaluable services in these areas.

With regard to the fact that the company’s activities have been broadened in the areas of banking equipment and PSP services, these activities have been separated; and since November 2014, this company, under the name of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company (MCAC) , has been providing its customers with professional services in different areas of banking equipment. In addition, MCAC will continue to be active in PSP and costumers can receive their required services by contact or they can personally come to our offices.

In order to support more than 5,000 card printers, appropriate customer service would not be possible unless you have a strong after-sales service system.

MCAC, which is active in banking automation and PVC-based equipment, has extensively offered printing and Smart’s instant card issuing machines from IDP in South Korea and PVC cards from Card Pro company nationwide.

MCAC, in this sense, has offered banknote sorting devices from GRG capable of counterfeit detection of foreign currencies and Rial; and check scanners from Glory in order to scan bank checks and same-size documents.

MCAC, by localizing the relevant software and hardware, has taken an important step towards the localization and optimization of hardware in Iran.

This company, due to having large-scale projects, offers after-sales service and support nationwide including Call Center and Help Desk, this is what distinguishes this company from its rivals. By having more than 5000 card printing devices, customer service will not be possible unless there is highly reliable after-sales system.

m.Heydarpour Mabna Card Aria

MCAC has successfully obtained exclusive distribution from the following well-known suppliers:

1- IDP Corp. Ltd. in Korea which supplies Smart PVC card printers.
2- GRG banking equipment company in China which supplies cash sorting machines.
3- Glory company in Japan which supplies check scanner units.
4- MIP company in Korea which supplies signature pads.
5- Dors company in Russia which supplies banknote band rolls.
6- Seaory company in China which supplies PVC cards and Offset printing.


Gitex Technology Week 2017

The attend of the Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company's Manager at Gitex Exhibition

Visiting the Basel Trading Company Aria card from GRG and Teaory factories

Visit GRG and Teaory / China - Guangzhou / Shenzhen - 13 to 19 December 2016

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