Provide banking cards

In order to print and issue the Banking cards for the customers, the banks try several different methods.

These methods are selected and used by the banks based on the ability of software systems.

Following we have investigated these methods and have emphasis Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company’s ability in this regard.

The Banks’ most basic method based on the hardware, software and operating system, would not be sufficient to print the cards. In this regard, Card printing system issues cards’ specifications and stores these specifications in a text file or database. After that, an application would be able to have access to the information and print each record. This software is generated either by the bank or Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company. If the bank is willing to produce this software, Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company would provide the bank with library function in order to facilitate the programmer in Card printing process in the shortest possible time and most secure status.

If banks tend to have a software based on batch printing Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company introduces MCACP software. This software has the ability to design any type of card and is capable of batch printing with high security and appropriate speed.

In the immediate issuance of the card, as soon as receiving the customer's request, the user registers information of the card and upon receiving cards’ information prints the cards and encrypt.

Card printing PVC

Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company cooperates with many reputable companies producing Banking software and can easily manage their printing operations. If the bank is in connection with a particular company, which does not cooperate with Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company, we can provide the bank with our library function to facilitate printing job to them.