MCACP Card Printer Software

It is evident that every day the users increasingly need various types of Banking Cards in order to meet their requirements. In this case, it is prudent that the users might not be able to meet all their needs only by purchasing a Card Printer. Thus, Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company should assist users and provide them with an appropriate software, so that the users might be able to simply design and take print of their cards whenever they intend.

In this regard,Mabna card Aria Commercial company By making an application designed to help our customers and issuing cards and MCACP software You undertook. This application has the following features :

In this regard, Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company has produced a software called” MCACP” which helps the customers to design and take print of their cards. Their software has the following capabilities:

  • Nice and simple design
  • Capability of designing the cards using different forms, images, texts, simple and two dimensional Barcode.
  • Ability to modify images by decreasing the light, changing the color, etc.
  • Ability to handle texts such as changing the color, changing the font size and Persian font as well as full support of Persian language.
  • Having more than 15 kinds of common standards, the software has the ability to insert barcode according to different standards and two dimensional barcode and QR.
  • Having normal editing features as well as Microsoft Standard keys.
  • Ability to identify types of the card such as Simple Cards, Smart Cards and Magnet Cards.
  • Ability to connect to the common databases such as Access, SQL and ODBC.
  • Ability to define and identify fields of database and build specific fields.
  • Ability to connect directly to tables or with SQL (Query) springs.
  • Ability to encode information on a magnetic card, contactless and contact chips.
  • Ability to determine the level of access to the projects in order not to change the design, printing and ...
  • The language can be either Persian or English