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Our goal is to provide the best quality services in the shortest possible time. The measure of an entire system is its output, which is tested by customers. We intend to serve our compatriots with a customer satisfaction strategy.

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Everyone in the business market believes that in the current era, the products and value added of companies and brands are similar and the only difference In customer service and how to provide these services

08:27:31 2023/04/04
In 1401, we are at a point where many old and active companies in the banking sector have reached a state of stagnation in providing services and some consider their current income to be enough to continue living, but with a little foresight to examine the markets. And similar business networks during the last 10 years we will come to the fact that without change and development, failure is near.
15:18:32 2022/10/25
Mabna Card Aria has been trying to design a service desktop device based on the market’s need for five years and has recently reveal its service desktop under the name of Ariano brand. The path that Mabna Card Aria company has been passed during these years and the examinations of with Ariano's current features, can clarify the reason for this five-year delay. Ariano's service desktop is based on the principle of face-to-face and technological services which provides a set of services that customers need.
15:35:51 2022/10/25
In an interview with Mr.Amir Ashuri, the manager of the service department of Manba Card Aria Commercial Company, the goals and approaches of this Department were discussed. Manba Card Aria Commercial Company, which is known as a banking equipment provider company, has improved the software and support services and develop its product portfolio and the quality of after sales services and support with adopting transformation-oriented approaches in this department. During interview with Mr.Ashuri he mentioned that the improvement of working processes, along with standardization of cooperation contracts, as well as continuous training of technical teams and employees, are considered as the priority of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company during this year. He believes that paying attention to customer needs and constant monitoring services are the most important factors to create reliance and increase customer’s satisfaction.