Banknote sorter model CM100V belongs to GRG company, this machine is used in the treasury office of banks and financial-credit institutions. In order to increase the speed and accuracy of cash processing, it reduces manpower errors



  • Equipped with banknote rim detection technology
  • Equipped with CIS (contact image scanning) and OCR (optical feature detection) technologies that enable the ability to scan and record images of both sides of the banknote along with their serial number with high resolution
  • Using a built-in app and a 5-inch touch screen, this device provides the user with easy and professional use.
  • Using a comprehensive and specialized banking technology, this device has the ability to identify dirty, stained, glued, torn, folded and, most importantly, counterfeit banknotes. This technology analyzes all banknotes in 10 different levels and then uses an algorithm to sort the banknotes. The levels of analysis by the device are:
  • Visible light image analysis
  • Infrared image analysis
  • Invisible Image Analysis (Flipper)
  • UV light analysis
  • Magnetic ink analysis
  • Determine the thickness of cash
  • Determine the thickness of the banknote
  • Automatic serial number registration with a speed of 12 banknotes / second. Record the serial number of the banknotes on the desktop computer, and both sides of each banknote are recorded in an optical image recorder. Users can search online for information about serial and image numbers, as well as operator name, ID, date and time of exchange
  • Innovative anti-static design in this device, static electricity on the banknotes is lost and so the device can work with polymer banknotes.
  • Immediate and easy access to the money conveyor to remove stuck banknotes and do cleaning
  • Has the ability to update and detect defects remotely
  • The 5-inch touch screen enhances the user experience with clear, instant performance and user guide
  • High-resolution digital display to show the number of banknotes in the stacker
  • Automatic compression scheme When the number of banknotes in the stack reaches the set number of banknotes, the stacker automatically issues the banknote. This will make it easier for the operator to access the banknotes
  • Funnel with non-stop function The user can hold the incoming banknotes