The FB-30 is a branch scanner for document images (checks and checks). The FB-30 captures images of the back and sides of documents simultaneously, as well as the ability to read MICRs and back checks. One of the special features of this device is the possibility of color scanning simultaneously with UV imaging. Using automatic feeding, between 50 and 100 securities can be scanned in turn with feeding error detection. Envelopes can hold 50 to 100 documents. Right next to the FB-30 scanner is a manual input slot for loading documents that can scan plastic cards just like documents. The FB-30 is controlled by the host computer and all commands and information are transmitted via the USB interface.  


  • Automated feeding section
  • Manual input slot section
  • MICR reading
  • Endorsement section
  • Colorful scanning
  • Documents packing section
  • USB connection
  • Ethernet network (optional)