Introduction of the company

Introducing the company

Mabna Card Aria Company was established in 2007 in the fields of banking and office machines, and its main activity until 2014 was in the field of providing financial transaction services (PSP), which in 2014, by  transferring part of its shares to Saderat Bank, Established Mabna Card Aria Trading Company and has provided valuable services in the field of banking equipment. The products of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company include card printer, check scanner, banknote sorter, banknote roll band, sign pad, passbook printer and non-cash kiosk. Also, due to the large projects it has, the company has after-sales services and support, including: Call Center and Help Desk throughout the country, which is the difference between this company and other competitors. According to the support of more than 13,000 covered devices, customer service has been made possible by having a strong after-sales service system and a representative network of support staff throughout the country. ‌ 

Providing updated banking equipment in the fields of cards, banknotes and checks

Providing equipment for the production of antibacterial bracelets for hospitals and medical centers

Exclusive agent of Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese companies

Production and presentation of banking software

Research and development of banking hardware

Fields of Activity


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 Our mission:

Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company has a reputable brand in order to create value for customers by using technical knowledge, equipment and new technologies and relying on specialized staff to provide   comprehensive and innovative information technology (IT) solutions. According to the background and the partners network of Mabna Card Commercial Aria in the field of IT banking, finance, transaction-based businesses and the field of telecommunications will be the main areas of activity of this company. Approved missions of this company include the following: 

  • Providing all the needed equipment of financial institutions - government throughout the country
  • Supply and coverage of card issuance equipment and information technology of commercial and micro customers in the country
  • Investigating the needs of the banking system and providing solutions for optimizing the equipment of the banking system
  • Value customers and pay attention to their needs
  • Use of specialized and committed manpower
  • Respect for the environment
  • Entrepreneurship and development of sustainable goals of the country in 2026 
  • Helping to create value and excellence in the financial-administrative system of the country


History of International Cooperation: 

This company has the exclusive agency of the following companies in Iran in order to provide special services and products: 

  • IDP company from South Korea with a variety of PVC card printers called Smart
  • GRG company from China with all kinds of banknote sorters.
  • Glory company from Japan in the field of check scanners.
  • Zebra company from the United States in the field of hospital card printers and wristbands
  • Seaory company from China in the field of various types of PVC cards and offset printing on them.
  • Dors company from Russia in the field of banknote roll band.
  • MIP company from South Korea in the field of footwear.