In case of the following damages to the device, the cost of service and maintenance, repairs and replacement of the damaged part is the responsibility of the bank:

  • Damages due to non-compliance with the conditions and instructions on how to use the devices trained by the company
  • Damage caused by fires, floods, accidents and force majeure in general
  • Damage caused by water or other liquids entering the device
  • Damage caused by vermin, severe dusting, high temperatures or extreme cold
  • Intentional damages approved by the company's dispatch expert
  • Damages caused by the transfer of devices without the knowledge and supervision of the company
  • Damages caused by power fluctuations or burning of the approved UPS in the branches
  • Physical injury to the device caused by being hit or falling off the table
  • Damages due to the entry of foreign objects and impact (such as needles, scraps, metal clips, etc.) into the machine
  • Use of power cable and non-standard USB cable
  • In general, the use of non-original and miscellaneous consumables (ribbons and cleaning items) as well as improper use of the device