Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company has a reputable brand in order to create value for customers by using technical knowledge, equipment and new technologies and relying on specialized staff, to provide comprehensive and innovative information technology (IT) solutions. According to the background and network of partners Mabna Card, the field of banking IT, finance, transaction-based businesses and the field of telecommunications will be the main activities of this company.  

The approved missions of this company include the following:  

  • Providing all equipment needs of financial-government institutions throughout the country
  • Supply and coverage of card issuance equipment and information technology needs of commercial and micro customers in the country
  • Investigating the needs of the banking system and providing solutions for optimizing the equipment of the banking system
  • Customer value orientation and attention to their needs
  • Use of specialized and committed manpower
  • Respect for the environment
  • Entrepreneurship and development of sustainable goals of the country on the horizon of 2025
  • Helping to create value and excellence of the financial-administrative system of the country