Organizational values

اThe core values ​​are the long-standing and basic beliefs of this organization, and cause the growth and development of employees in the form of groups. The core values ​​of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company as the principles of eternal guidance do not need any justification and are inherently valuable and important for people within the organization. The core values ​​of the organization are used as the basis on which to formulate policies. Based on them, he also determined the daily behavior of employees and the basis of decisions in the workplace. The core values ​​identified are the main basis of performance when planning long-term planning and decision-making at different levels

The core values of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company are also called the ethical codes of the organization. These codes are the guiding principles in the organization that will be a guide for decisions and behaviors.

Proper ethics will be a prerequisite for effective strategic management. The organizational values of Mabna Card Aria Commercial Company have been compiled in the following two groups of Core value and Business value by examining more than fifty codes of conduct and holding symposiums.